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Chair: Iain Robinson, Co-chair: Kevin Brandom | 9th March 2021, 12:30 -15:30 (UK’s time)

Improving Sepsis Management Through a High Fidelity In-Situ Multidisciplinary Simulation Program 

* Arez Mohamed, Lindsey Bezzina, Silke Wasch, Peter Walker, Caroline Curtin
* Corresponding Author: Arez Mohamed, Barking Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals Trust (United Kingdom),

There are approximately 36,900 deaths from sepsis each year, with an estimated 10,000 of these preventable (1)(2). While new tools have been developed to help diagnose and treat sepsis, the awareness and implementation of these continues to be a challenge (3). Our novel approach to MDT simulation training involves using high fidelity simulation in wards to increase awareness of signs and tools for sepsis within a large East London Trust. 

Summary of Work
High fidelity in-situ and in centre simulation with the SimMan3G manikin with a multidisciplinary approach. Real time observations allow health professionals to assess the patient and choose to escalate appropriately. A de-brief is then carried out exploring technical and non-technical factors, with a learning on diagnosis of sepsis and use of the trust sepsis tool. Questionnaires are distributed before and after assessing knowledge of sepsis 6 and knowledge of the trust sepsis tool in such situations. 

Summary of Results
• 6 nurses have undergone training (4 in-centre, 2 in-situ) so far 
• 100% of nurses expressed that such training was highly useful in treating sepsis 
• 16% of nurses had knowledge of the trust sepsis tool, rising to 100% after training 
• 100% of nurses were more confident escalating to doctors 

Discussion & Conclusion
High fidelity simulation has been shown to be a useful tool in treating sepsis, a key NHS patient strategy target. The diagnosis and treatment of sepsis can extend to all health professionals including nurses and HCA’s. Through simulation, both the management of sepsis and awareness of sepsis tools (NEWS, proformas) can help improve outcomes for patients. 

Take-Home Message
High fidelity simulation can be used to effectively improve management of sepsis, a historically difficult and on-going national patient safety target.

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