I am delighted to welcome all the participants to the joint AMSE/EBMA conference 2019 in the beautiful city of Lodz.

It is at the heart of the Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE) to annually bring together the key stakeholders and drivers in medical education - from Deans to students, from accreditation bodies to institutional assurance quality staff - to share and discuss key questions and challenges to advance our medical schools.

This year, I am very proud that AMSE and the European Board of Medical Assessors (EBMA) are joining forces and have organized a joint conference. The resulting program is exciting and provides a rich blend of formal and informal exchanges between the participants and the themes explored at the conference. The mix of formats includes keynotes, workshops, oral presentations and posters as well as an opening reception with entertainment, a conference dinner and many other social activities. Our conference in Lodz will tackle and advance the discussion of current topics in medical education including leadership in education, implementing change in limited resource settings, faculty development, inter-professionalism, programmatic assessment and assessment of clinical reasoning. The choice of keynote speakers is exceptional.  

I am confident that our conference programme will have something for everyone, from medical schools, medical education to quality assurance. I would also like to thank the organizing committee and volunteers involved in the planning and delivery of the joint AMSE/EBMA conference for bringing us together. 

I am looking forward to your participation and meeting you in person.

Professor Peter Dieter
President of the Association of Medical Schools in Europe

The Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE) serves as a forum for European Faculties of Medicine to share experiences in the fields of education, research and management. AMSE is primarily concerned with the leadership and management of medical schools, and the question of how to run the medical school, and how to manage its relationship with the university hospital and other health-care partners. AMSE is also interested in the regulatory, quality assurance, political and economic contexts in which the medical school works to fulfil its mission of medical education and medical research. Read further >

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