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The Didactic Center of the Medical University of Lodz is one of the most modern conference facilities in Poland, excellent for organizing various educational and cultural events. An exceptionally wide range of premises is what distinguishes the conference center in comparison with other facilities of this type, at national level. The Didactic Center consists inter alia of two large auditoriums, which can accommodate 1000 and 340 attendees, as well as other lecture halls for another 600 people. All rooms are provided with modern audiovisual equipment. In addition, the facility has a number of smaller premises, designed to work on practical skills. Furthermore, the venue offers a modern VIP-room, catering facilities and exhibition space. All rooms are air-conditioned, equipped with projectors and screens. Wireless internet is available for guests. We also guarantee professionally organized front desk and a large parking lot. The Didactic Center of the Medical University is an exceptional training facility, which provides the best possible response to the requirements of the most demanding guests.

Didactic Centre: Medical University of Łódź 
92-209, Pomorska 247/249, Łódź, Poland, Mobile Phone: +48 795 245 140 
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