Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE) 

The Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE) serves as a forum for European Faculties of Medicine to share experiences in the fields of education, research and management. AMSE is primarily concerned with the leadership and management of medical schools, and the question of how to run the medical school, and how to manage its relationship with the university hospital and other health-care partners. AMSE is also interested in the regulatory, quality assurance, political and economic contexts in which the medical school works to fulfil its mission of medical education and medical research.

The vision of AMSE is the promotion of the highest quality of management, medical education and research of Medical Schools within the whole of Europe. AMSE´s mission aims at improving the standards, value and relevance of all Medical Schools in Europe through education, research, service and collaboration.

AMSE stimulates co-operation between Medical Schools in Europe and to initiate and sustain relations with other professional, governmental and non-governmental organisations in education, research and health care. In this sense, AMSE organises regular conferences on topics of particular interest to Deans, Heads of School and other staff members of Faculties of Medicine.  

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