Saturday 9 November - Workshop session (AMSE)
10:50-12:30, Room:1.17, 2nd floor

Inter-professional education

Professor Lilian Azzopardi, University of Malta

Effective, patient-centred care requires cooperation of all members of the inter-professional teams. Consequently, the effective inter-professional practice needs to be built on strong foundations of inter-professional education. The need for practical implementation of inter-professional education has been recently emphasised both by the curriculum planners, researchers and higher-level institutions and organisation. Current phase of implementation of inter-professional, patient-centred care and education definitely requires further developments both in the area of the content (knowledge and skills) and innovative methods of education. International cooperation is needed for building the inter-professional curricula taking into account increasing migration of patients and health professionals, globalisation, and the other socio-economic and political complexities.

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