Friday 8 November - Workshop Sessions I (EBMA)
13:15-15:00, Room: 01.18, Ground Floor 

Electronic Delivery of OSCE and WPBA to a Common Blueprint

* Corresponding author: Keean Schupke, Fry-IT, United Kingdom

This workshop will walk through the configuration of both Practique (Fry's end-to-end exam management software) and Kaizen (Fry's ePortfolio and WPBA software) to align OSCE and WPBA assessments. Defining a common set of marking domains for both OSCE and WPBA will be discussed, as well as defining station domains as professional activities so that both OSCE and WPBA assessments are covering the same common blueprint. There will be a demonstration of exporting OSCE results from Practique to allow an overall view of clinical assessments in Kaizen, and discuss various reporting options to follow progress, and identify students/trainees who are at risk of failure as early as possible.

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