Friday 8 November - Workshop Sessions I (EBMA)
13:15-15:00, Room 1.20, 2nd floor 

The Practicalities and Challenges of Delivering High Quality OSCEs on an Extra-Large Scale

* Serena Tolhurst-Cleaver, Harish Thampy, Heidi Northover
* Corresponding author: Serena Tolhurst-Cleaver, University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Increasingly, medical schools in the UK and across Europe are under pressure to expand their medical student numbers. This presents major challenges not just for curriculum delivery, but also for fair and standardised delivery of assessments, particularly the delivery of Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs). Our institution currently accommodates over 450 students per year, with numbers set to increase further over the next few years. We discuss the challenges associated with large-scale OSCE delivery and the strategies we have used to address these as an institution. We also look to identify further areas of challenge from other institutions and discuss possible solutions to address these. Standardisation and transparency of OSCE delivery is more and more demanded by an informed and exacting student body, but is also an absolute necessity in preparation for the introduction of the Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA) in the UK.  

Summary of Work  
We have identified several areas of particular challenge, including examiner training and quality assurance, OSCE marking consistency, addressing student concerns, station standardisation - especially when using simulated patients (SPs), and process issues and standardisation of delivery across multiple examination sites.  

Discussion and Conclusion  
Discussion will include a review of best practice in large-scale assessment delivery, as well as shared experience from our own institution including the use of paper-free marking and novel approaches to OSCE design to aid standardisation. The workshop will consider different approaches to improving examiner marking consistency, particularly in cross-site OSCE delivery, as well a comparison of methods for review and feedback of examiner comments. The workshop will also reflect on the practicalities of delivering assessments simultaneously across a wide geographical area including movement of students, quarantine issues and communication between sites. As a group we will also reflect on appeals from students within our own institution and examine ways to address these concerns, as well considering the use of standardised operating procedures and assessment “never events”.  

Take Home Message  
Large-scale delivery of assessments is increasingly required in the UK and across Europe. We examine strategies to maintain fairness and standardisation, and share learning from our own organisation. This workshop is particularly relevant for institutions facing expansion of medical student numbers or looking at delivering OSCEs across more than one site in the near future.

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