Friday 8 November - Workshop Sessions I (EBMA)
13:15-15:00, Room: 1.18, 2nd floor 

Standardized measurement of the efficiency of diagnostic skills: InSimu Diagnostic Competition workshop

Gábor Tóth, *Andrea Herdon
* Corresponding author: Andrea Herdon, InSimu, Hungary 

The InSimu Patient is a ground-breaking educational program developed for physicians and medical students to practice diagnostic thinking in the safety of a virtual environment. InSimu brings the interactive learning of clinical reasoning and decision making to the utmost level, while it is still easy to use on your smartphone or tablet.  The app will evaluate your diagnostic performance and compare it for you to current guidelines of cost- and time-efficient, evidence-based diagnosis. Completely free gameplay - ask for any diagnostic test anytime for any patient Developed using U.S. structures and report systems (i.e. history taking, RadReport templates, etc.) Based on international peer-reviewed literature and developed by physicians to ensure professional pertinence Realistic time and cost associated for each test (Medicare pricing) 

The InSimu Patient has been used by 48,000 medical students, residents and physicians worldwide. A developing partner, the University of Debrecen already uses the InSimu app in the education of medical students. 
InSimu Diagnostic Competition is built on the InSimu Patient app which makes it possible for conference attendees to compare and analyse their clinical knowledge and diagnostic skills real time by solving the same diagnostic cases in a given timeframe in the most entertaining way. 

At the end of the InSimu Diagnostic Competition workshop, the participants will be able to: Organize an engaging interactive workshop on their own for teaching differential diagnostics skills while encouraging students or colleagues to work in teams. Gain diagnostic experience on 5 virtual simulated patients. Participants will have the opportunity to test and compare their own diagnostic skills on 5 simulated patients in an objective way. Their performance will be automatically scored and analysed on factors like the correctness of the diagnosis, time and cost-effectiveness, missed tests, and correctness of the ordered tests. 

At this workshop, we’ll provide the participants with hands-on experience, how they can improve their diagnostic skills every day, how can they implement a patient simulator platform in gradual or post gradual training to measure the pulse of teaching and the objective progress in student’s diagnostic skill development.

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