Friday 8 November - Faculty Development Workshop Session II (AMSE)
13:15-15:00, Room: 01.12, Ground Floor

Curriculum change processes: navigating a large and diverse group of stakeholders

* Corresponding author: Debbie Jaarsma, UMCG, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Bringing about change in health professions curricula and related medical schools is a recurrent, complex and challenging process. However, the redesign of health professions education is both necessary and timely since healthcare environments are changing rapidly. Many schools struggle with questions on how to navigate the challenges of curriculum (including assessment) change implementation. One of those challenges is dealing with a large, diverse and often interdisciplinary groups of stakeholders. In this workshop we will deepen participants’ understanding of this topic based on recent and current research, combined with concrete assignments exploring participants’ own stakeholder-contexts, using methods that could be adopted once back home.  

Summary of workshop outline 
• introduction of the workshop facilitator, the participants and the topic of curriculum change implementation, particularly focusing on stakeholder involvement 
• interactive session on theoretical and research background 
• group-work on stakeholder analyses for change processes, critical examinations of current or past curriculum changes and successful approaches in the future. 
• pitches per group on stakeholder analysis and examples of current and suitable approaches for curriculum change 
• wrap-up, time for questions, discussion and take-home information 

Potential participants 
Curriculum developers, administrators, teachers and other healthcare professionals involved in undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum change and development, who wish to increase their abilities in dealing with a diverse group of stakeholders in curriculum change processes. 

Intended outcomes 
As a result of this session, the participants will be able to: 
1. better understand complexities and challenges of curriculum change implementation, particularly focused on stakeholder involvement; 
2. conduct a stakeholder analysis based on the local setting; 
3. critically examine examples of curriculum change processes concerning stakeholder involvement issues from ‘back home’; 
4. bring some strategies back home to enhance the implementation of curriculum (assessment) changes. 

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